When I was a youngster, probably about 8 years old, I stayed with my aunt while my mom was having her fourth child. My aunt was a devout Christian and she sent me to Bible School with my cousins. That summer I was introduced to Jesus and accepted Him into my life as my Lord and Savior.

I didn’t fully realize what had just occurred when I made that public acceptance, but I was excited that I had done something special. From that day forward I continued to seek God.

Once I became a teenager I was very involved with my church youth group, and believed it was my duty as a Christian to “save” as many souls as I could. My family and friends could not get far enough away from me. I was made fun of and ridiculed for my beliefs and practices.

In my twenties I became angry with God. I believed in Him, but by this time, believed I had been betrayed by God. I didn’t want to have anything to do with Christianity. This is when I began seeking other ways of understanding the purpose of life; other religions, other teachers, other practices.

Several decades have since passed.

A few years ago I got sick with severe migraines. I allowed myself to become house bound and I was fearful to leave the house afraid that I would develop a migraine and become incapacitated. I spent most of my days alone and reclusive.

It was during this three year period of aloneness that I started practicing mediation, and when I studied Reiki energy healing. This was the start of spiritual journey that changed my life once again. It seems that I have come full circle. Thank you Love Inspiration

Interestingly enough, at a time in my life when I thought I would never give a second look at Christianity, I come across the book, “Conversations with God.” It all made sense to me, finally.

God explains that several books of the Bible were deleted by the church leaders back in the days when the Bible was being edited and published.