Message from God

Messages from God

You Have Just Learned the Secret of All of Life, and Seen into Infinity

Message from God: book 1/195

You don’t want to know the truth, you want to know the truth as you understand it. This is the greatest barrier to your enlightenment. You think you already know the truth! You think you already understand how it is. So you agree with everything you see or hear or read that falls into the paradigm of your understanding, and reject everything which does not. And this you call learning. This you call being open to the teachings. Alas, you can never be open to the teachings so long as you are closed to everything save your own truth.

Thus will this very book be called blasphemy, the work of the devil, by some.

Yet those who have ears to hear, let them listen. I tell you this: You were not meant to ever die. Your physical form was created as a magnificent convenience; a wonderful tool; a glorious vehicle allowing you to experience the reality you have created with your mind, that you may know the Self you have created in your soul.

The soul conceives, the mind creates, the body experiences. The circle is complete. The soul then knows itself in its own experience. If it does not like what it is experiencing (feeling), or wishes a different experience for any reason, it simply conceives a new experience of Self, and, quite literally, changes its mind.

Soon the body finds itself in a new experience. (“I am the resurrection and the Life” was a magnificent example of this. How do you think Jesus did it anyway? Or do you not believe it ever happened? Believe it. It happened.)

Yet this much is so: the soul will never override the body or the mind. I made you as a three-in-one being. You are three beings in one, made in the image and likeness of Me.

The three aspects of Self are in no wise unequal to each other. Each has a function, but no function actually precede another, nor does any function actually precede another. All are interrelated in an exactly equal way.

Conceive, create, experience. What you conceive you create, what you create you experience, what you experience you conceived.

That is why it is said, if you can cause your body to experience something (take abundance, for example), you will soon have the feeling of it in your soul, which will conceive of itself in a new way (namely, abundant), thus presenting your mind with a new thought about that. From the new thought springs more experience, and the body begins living a new reality as a permanent state of being.

Your body, your mind, and your soul (spirit) are one. In this, you are a microcosm of Me, the Divine All, the Holy Everything, the Sum and Substance. You see now how I am the beginning and the end of everything, the Alpha and the Omega.

Now I will explain to you the ultimate mystery: your exact and true relationship to Me.


As your body is to your mind and soul, so, too, are you to My mind and soul. Therefore:

Everything I experience, I experience through you.

Just as your body, mind, and spirit are one, so, too, are Mine.

So it is that Jesus of Nazareth, among the many who understood the mystery, spoke immutable truth, when he said, “I and the Father are One.”

Now I will tell you, there are even larger truths than this to which you will one day become privy. For even as you are the body of Me, I am the body of another.

I am God, as you now understand Him. I am Goddess as you now comprehend Her. I am the Conceiver and the Creator of Everything you now know and experience, and you are My children…even as I am the child of another.

I am telling you that your perception of ultimate reality is more limited than you thought, and that Truth is more unlimited than you can imagine.

I am giving you ever-so-small a glimpse of infinity, and infinite love. (A much larger glimpse and you could not hold it in your reality. You can barely hold this.)

I have told you, if you conceive of God as your creator and master, even as you are the creator and master of your own body, I am the God of your understanding. And you are talking with Me, yes. It has been a delicious conversation, no?

Forever is longer than you know. Eternal is longer than Forever. God is more than you imagine. God is the energy you call imagination. God is creation. God is first thought. And God is last experience. And God is everything in between.

Have you ever looked down a high-powered microscope, or seen pictures or movies of molecular action, and said, “Good heavens, there’s a whole universe down there. And to that universe, I, the now-present observer, must feel like God!” Have you ever said that, or had that kind of experience?

Indeed. You have given yourself your own glimpse of what I am showing you here.

And what would you do if I told you that this reality of which you have given yourself a glimpse never ends?

Take the smallest part of the universe you can imagine. Imagine this tiny, tiny particle of matter.

Now cut it in half.

Now cut those in half.

Now cut again and again! What’s left?

When does it stop? How many times can you divide matter until it ceases to exist?

You can never completely destroy matter. All you can do is change its form.

I tell you this: you have just learned the secret of all of life, and seen into infinity.


Messages from God

Who is Right? The Evolutionists or the Creationists?

Message from God: book 1/194

I designed your magnificent body to last forever! And the earliest of you did live in the body virtually pain-free, and without fear of what you now call death.

In your religious mythology, you symbolize your cellular memory of these first-version humans by calling them Adam and Eve. Actually, of course, there were more than two.

At the outset, the idea was for you wonderful souls to have a chance to know your Selves as Who You Really Are through experiences gained in the physical body, in the relative world, as I have explained repeatedly here.

This was done through the slowing down of the unfathomable speed of all vibration (thought form) to produce matter, including that matter you call the physical body.

Life evolved through a series of steps in the blink of an eye that you now call billions of years. And in this holy instant came you, out of the sea, the water of life, onto the land and into the form you now hold.

I find it amusing, a source of continual amusement, actually, that you humans have such a need to break everything down into right and wrong. It never occurs to you that you’ve made those labels up to help you define the material, and your Self.

It never occurs to you (except to the finest minds among you) that a thing could be both right and wrong; that only in the relative world are things one or the other. In the world of the absolute, of time-no time, all things are everything.

There is no male and female, there is no before and after, there is no fast and slow, here and there, up and down, left and right, and no right and wrong.

Your astronauts and cosmonauts have gained a sense of this. They imagined themselves to be rocketing upward to get into outer space, only to find when they got there that they were looking up at the Earth. Or were they? Maybe they were looking down at the Earth! but then, where was the sun? Up? Down? No! Over there, to the left. So now, suddenly, a thing was neither up nor down, it was sideways…and all definitions thus disappeared.

So it is in My world, our world, our real realm. All definitions disappear, rendering it difficult to even talk about this realm in definitive terms.

Religion is your attempt to speak of the unspeakable. It does not do a very good job.

No, My son, the evolutionists are not right. I created all of this, all of this, in the blink of an eye; in one holy instant, just as the creationists have said. And…it came about through a process of evolution taking billions and billions of what you call years, just as the evolutionists claim.

They are both “right.” As the cosmonauts discovered, it all depends on how you look at it.

But the real question is: one holy instant/billions of years, what’s the difference? Can you simply agree that on some of the questions of life the mystery is too great for even you to solve? Why not hold the mystery as sacred? And why not allow the sacred to be sacred, and leave it alone?

Messages from God

All Illness is Self-Created

Message from God: book 1/187

Now let’s understand what you probably already know: all illness is self-created. Even conventional medical doctors are now seeing how people make themselves sick.

Most people do so quite unconsciously. (They don’t even know what they’re doing.) So when they get sick, they don’t know what hit them. It feels as though something has befallen them, rather than that they did something to themselves.

This occurs because most people move through life, not simply health issues and consequences, unconsciously.

People smoke and wonder why they get cancer.

People ingest animals and fat and wonder why they get blocked arteries.

People stay angry all their lives and wonder why they get heart attacks.

People compete with other people, mercilessly and under incredible stress, and wonder why they have strokes.

The not-so-obvious truth is that most people worry themselves to death.

Worry is just about the worst form of mental activity there is, next to hate, which is deeply self-destructive. Worry is pointless. It is wasted mental energy. It also creates bio-chemical reactions which harm the body, producing everything from indigestion to coronary arrest, and a multitude of things in between.

Health will improve almost at once when worrying ends.

Worry is the activity of a mind which does not understand its connection with Me.

Hatred is the most severely damaging mental condition. It poisons the body, and its effects are virtually irreversible.

Fear is the opposite of everything you are, and so has an effect of opposition to your mental and physical health. Fear is worry magnified.

Worry, hate, fear, together with their offshoots: anxiety, bitterness, impatience, avarice, unkindness, judgmentalness, and condemnation, all attack the body at the cellular level. It is impossible to have a healthy body under these conditions.

Similar, although to a somewhat lesser degree, conceit, self-indulgence, and greed lead to physical illness, or lack of well-being.

All illness is created first in the mind.

Nothing occurs in your life, nothing, which is not first a thought.  Thoughts are like magnets, drawing effects to you. The thought may not always be obvious, and thus clearly causative, as in, “I’m going to contract a terrible disease.” The thought may be (and usually is) far more subtle than that. (“I am not worthy to live.”) (“My life is always a mess.”) (“I am sick and tired of my life.”)

Thoughts are a very subtle, yet extremely powerful, form of energy. Words are less subtle, more dense. Actions are the most dense of all. Action is energy in heavy physical form, in heavy motion. When you think, say, and act out a negative concept such as “I am a loser,” you place tremendous creative energy into motion. Small wonder you come down with a cold. That would be the least of it.

It is very difficult to reverse the effects of negative thinking once they have taken physical form; not impossible, but very difficult. It takes an act of extreme faith. It requires an extraordinary belief in the positive force of the universe, whether you call that God, Goddess, the Unmoved Mover, Prime Force, First Cause, or whatever.

Healers have just such faith. It is a faith that crosses over into Absolute Knowing. They know that you are meant to be whole, complete, and perfect in this moment now. This knowingness is also a thought, and a very powerful one. It has the power to move mountains, to say nothing of molecules in your body. That is why healers can heal, often even at a distance.

Thought knows no distance. Thought travels around the world and traverses the universe faster than you can say the word.

“Say but the word and my servant shall be healed.” And it was so, in the selfsame hour, even before his sentence was finished. Such was the faith of the centurion.

Yet you are all mental lepers. Your mind is eaten away with negative thoughts, Some of these are thrust upon you. Many of these you actually make up, conjure up, yourselves, and then harbor and entertain for hours, days, weeks, months, even years.

….and you wonder why you are sick.

You can “solve some of the health problems,” as you put it, by solving the problems in your thinking. Yes, you can heal some of the conditions you have already acquired (given yourself), as well as prevent major new problems from developing. And you can do this all by changing your thinking.

Also, and I hate to suggest this because it sounds so mundane coming, as it were, from God, but, for God’s sake, take better care of yourself.

The world is in the condition that it’s in because the world is full of sleepwalkers.


Messages from God

Do What You Love to Do

Message from God: book 1/185

Go ahead and do what you really love to do! Do nothing else! You have so little time. How can you think of wasting a moment doing something for a living you don’t like to do? What kind of a living is that? That is not a living, that is dying!

If you say, “But, but…I have others who depend on me….little mouths to feed…a spouse who is looking to me…” I will answer: If you insist that your life is about what you body is doing, you do not understand why you came here. At least do something that pleases you, that speaks of Who You Are.

Then at least you can stay out of resentment and anger toward those you imagine are keeping you from your joy.

What your body is doing is not to be discounted. It is important. But not in the way that you think. The actions of the body were meant to be reflections of a state of being, not attempts to attain a state of being.

In the true order of things one does not do something in order to be happy, one is happy and, hence, does something. One does not do some things in order to be compassionate, one is compassionate and, hence, acts in a certain way. The soul’s decision precedes the body’s action in a highly conscious person. Only an unconscious person attempts to produce a state of the soul through something the body is doing.

This is what is meant by the statement, ” Your life is not about what your body is doing.” Yet it is true that what your body is doing is a reflection of what your life is about.

It is another divine dichotomy.

Yet, know this if you understand nothing else: You have a right to your joy; children or no children; spouse or no spouse. Seek it! Find it! And you will have a joyful family, no matter how much money you make or don’t make. And if they aren’t joyful, and they get up and leave you, then release them with love to seek their joy.

If, on the other hand, you have evolved to the point where things of the body are not of concern to you, then you are even more free to seek your joy, on Earth as it is in heaven. God says it’s okay to be happy, yes, even happy in your work.

Your life work is a statement of Who You Are. If it is not, then why are you doing it?

Do you imagine that you have to?

You don’t have to do anything.

If “man who supports his family, at all costs, even his own happiness” is Who You Are, then love your work, because it is facilitating your creation of a living statement of Self.

If “women who works at job she hates in order to meet responsibilities as she sees them” is Who You Are, then love, love, love your job, for it totally supports your Self image, your Self concept.

Everyone can love everything the moment they understand what they are doing, and why.

No one does anything he doesn’t want to do.

Messages from God

The Evolution of the Soul

Message from God: book 1/180

Affirmations do not work if they are merely statements of what you want to be true. Affirmations work only when they are statements of something you already know to be true.

The best so-called affirmation is a statement of gratitude and appreciation. “Thank you, God, for bringing me success in my life.” Now, that idea, thought, spoken, and acted upon, produces wonderful results, when it comes from true knowing; not from an attempt to produce results, but from an awareness that results have already been produced.

Jesus had such clarity. Before every miracle, He thanked Me in advance for its deliverance. It never occurred to Him that what He declared would not happen. The thought never entered His mind.

So sure was He of Who He Was and of His relationship to Me that His every thought, word, and deed reflected his awareness, just as your thoughts, words, and deeds reflect yours…

If, now, there is something you choose to experience in your life, do not “want” it, choose it.

Do you choose success in worldly terms? Do you choose more money? Good. Then choose it. Really. Fully. Not half-heartedly.

Yet at your stage of development do not be surprised if “worldly success” no longer concerns you.

There comes a time in the evolution of every soul when the chief concern is no longer the survival of the physical body, but the growth of the spirit; no longer the attainment of worldly success, but the realization of Self.

In a sense, this is a very dangerous time, particularly at the outset, because the entity housed in the body now knows it is just that: a being in a body, not a body-being.

At this stage, before the growing entity matures in this point of view, there is often a sense of no longer caring about affairs of the body in any way. The soul is so excited about being “discovered” at last!

The mind abandons the body, and all matters of the body. Everything is ignored. Relationships are set aside. Families are disappeared. Jobs are made secondary. Bills go unpaid. The self is not even fed for long periods. The entire focus and attention of the entity are now on the soul, and matters of the soul.

This can lead to a major personal crisis in the day-to-day life of the being, although the mind perceives no trauma. It is hanging out in bliss. Other people say you have lost your mind, and in a sense you may have.

Discovery of the truth that life has nothing to do with the body can create an imbalance the other way. Whereas at first the entity acted as if the body were all there is, now it acts as if the body matters not at all. This, of course, is not true, as the entity soon (and sometimes painfully) remembers.

You are a tri-part being, made of body, mind, and spirit. You will always be a tri-part being, not just while you are living on the Earth.

There are those who hypothesize that upon death the body and the mind are dropped. The body changes form, leaving its most dense part behind, but retaining always its outer shell. The mind (not to be confused with the brain) goes with you, too, joining with the spirit and the body as the one energy mass of three dimensions, or facets.

Should you choose to return to this experiencing opportunity that you call life on Earth, your divine self will once again separate its true dimensions into what you call body, mind, and spirit. In truth you are all one energy, yet with three distinct characteristics.

As you undertake to inhabit a new physical body here on Earth, your ethereal body (as some of you have termed it) lowers its vibrations, slows itself from a vibration so rapid that it cannot even be seen, to a speed that produces mass and matter. This actual matter is the creation of pure thought, the work of your mind, the higher mind aspect of your three-part being.

This matter is a coagulation of a million billion trillion different energy units into one enormous mass, controllable, by the mind….you really are a master mind!

As these tiny energy units have expended their energy, they are discarded by the body, while the mind creates new ones. This the mind creates out of it’s continuing thought about Who You Are! The ethereal body “catches” the thought, so to speak, and lowers the vibration of more energy units (in a sense “crystalizes” them), and they become matter, the new matter of you. In this way, every cell of your body changes every several years. You are, quite literally, not the same person you were a few years ago.

If you think thoughts of illness or disease (or continuing anger, hatred, and negativity), your body will translate these thoughts into physical form. People will see this negative, sick form and they will say, “What’s the matter?” They will not know how accurate their question is.

The soul watches this whole drama play out, year after year, month after month, day after day, moment after moment, and always holds the Truth about you. It never forgets the blueprint; the original plan; the first idea; the creative thought. Its job is to remind you, that is, to literally re-mind you, so then choose Who You now wish to Be.

In this way the cycle of creation and experience, imaging and fulfilling, knowing and growing into the unknown, continues, both now and even forever more.

There is so much more to explain. So much more. But never, ever in one book, nor probably in one lifetime. Yet you have begun, and that is good. Just remember this. It is as your grand teacher William Shakespeare said: “There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”

There is no judgement in what you call the afterlife. You will not even be allowed to judge yourself (for you would surely give yourself a low score, given how judgmental and unforgiving you are with yourself in this life).

No, there is no accounting, no one giving “thumbs up” or “thumbs down.” Only humans are judgmental, and because you are, you assume that I must be. Yet I am not, and that is a great truth you cannot accept.

Nonetheless, while there will be no judgment in the afterlife, there will be opportunity to look again at all you have thought, said, and done here, and to decide if that is what you would choose again, based on Who You say You Are, and Who You Want to Be.