Messages from God

Beingness Attracts Beingness, and Produces Experience

Message from God: book 1/170

What is your soul seeking to be? Me. Your soul is Me, and it knows it. What it is doing, is trying to experience that. And what it is remembering is that the best way to have this experience is by not doing anything. There is nothing to do but to be.

Whatever you want to be. Happy. Sad. Weak. Strong. Joyful. Vengeful. Insightful. Blind. Good. Bad. Male. Female. You name it.

I mean that literally. You name it.

Try being what you like to be.

Some people make lots of money doing what they do, others can’t make a go of it, and they’re doing the same thing. What makes the difference?

Some people have more skills than others.

That’s the first cut. But now we get to the second cut. Now we’re down to two people with relatively equal skills. Both graduated from college, both were at the top of their class, both understand the nature of what they’re doing, both know how to use their tools with great facility; yet one still does better than the other; one flourishes while the other struggles. What’s that about?

The question is not “What are you going to do?” but “Where are you going to be?”

The soul is concerned only with where you are going to be.

Are you going to be in a place called fear, or in a place called love? Where are you, and where are you coming from, as you encounter life?

Now, in the example of the two equally qualified workers, one is successful and the other is not, not because of anything either is doing, but because of what both are being.

One person is being open, friendly, caring, helpful, considerate, cheerful, confident, even joyful in her work, while the other is being closed, distant, uncaring, inconsiderate, grumpy, even resentful of what she is doing.

Now suppose you were to select even loftier states of beingness? Suppose you were to select goodness, mercy compassion, understanding, forgiveness, love? What if you were to select Godliness? What then would be your experience?

I tell you this: Beingness attracts beingness, and produces experience.

You are not on this planet to produce something with your body. You are on this planet to produce something with your soul. Your body is simply and merely the tool of your soul. Your mind is the power that makes the body go. So what you have here is a power tool, used in the creation of the soul’s desire.

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