Messages from God

This is What Evolution is All About

Message from God: book 1/164

Do you have any idea how your mind came up with the thought it now has? Do you not know that your world has manipulated your mind to think as you do? Wouldn’t it be better for you to manipulate your mind than for the world to?

Would you not be better off to think the thoughts you want to think, than those of others? Are you not better armed with creative thoughts than with reactive thoughts?

Yet your mind is filled with reactive thought, thought that springs from the experience of others. Very few of your thoughts spring from self-produced data, much less self-produced preferences.

Your own root thought about money is a prime example. Your thought about money (it is bad) runs directly counter to your experience (it’s great to have money!) So you have to run around and lie to yourself about your experience in order to justify your root thought.

You are so rooted in this thought, it never occurs to you that your idea about money may be inaccurate.

So now what we are up to is coming up with some self-produced data. And that is how we change a root thought, and cause it to be your root thought, not another’s.

Another root thought that you have is that there’s not enough. In fact you have this root thought about just about everything. There’s not enough money, there’s not enough time, there’s not enough love, there’s not enough food, water, compassion in the world…Whatever there is that’s good, there’s just not enough.

This race consciousness of “not-enough-ness” creates and recreates the world as you see it.

Some root thoughts about money: money is bad, money is scarce, money may not be received for doing God’s work, money is never given freely, money doesn’t grow on trees (when in fact it does), money corrupts.

I truly want what you truly want, nothing different and nothing more. Don’t you see that is My greatest gift to you? If I wanted for you something other than what you want for you, and then went so far as to cause you to have it, where is your free choice? How can you be a creative being if I am dictating what you shall be, do, and have? My joy is in your freedom, not your compliance.

You are what you think you are. It’s a vicious circle when the thought is a negative one. You’ve got to find a way to break out of the circle.

So much of your present experience is based on your previous thought. Thought leads to experience, which leads to thought, which leads to experience. This can produce constant joy when the Sponsoring Thought is joyous. It can, and does, produce continual hell when the Sponsoring Thought is hellacious.

The trick is to change Sponsoring Thought. The first thing you do is reverse the thought-word-deed paradigm; think before you act. Forget it. If you want to change a root thought, you have to act before you think.

Example: you’re walking down the street and come across an old lady begging for quarters. You realize she’s a bag lady and is living day-to-day. You instantly know that as little money as you have, you surely have enough to share with her. Your first impulse is to give her some change. There’s even a part of you that’s ready to reach in your pocket for a little folding money, a one, or even a five. What the heck, make it a grand moment for her. Light her up.

Then, thought comes in. What, are you crazy? We’ve only got seven dollars to get us through the day! You want to give her a five? So you start fumbling around for that one.

Thought again: Hey, hey, c’mon. You don’t have that many of these that you can give them away! Give her some coins for heaven’s sake, and let’s get out of here.

Quickly you reach into the other pocket to try to come up with some quarters. Your fingers feel only nickels and dimes. You’re embarrassed. Here you are, fully clothed, fully fed, and you’re going to nickel-and-dime this poor woman who has nothing.

You try in vain to find a quarter or two. Oh, there’s one, deep in the fold of your pocket. But by now you’ve walked past her, smiling wanly, and it’s too late to go back. She gets nothing. You get nothing, either. Instead of the joy of knowing your abundance and sharing, you now feel as poor as the woman.

Why didn’t you just give her the paper money? It was your first impulse, but your thought got in the way.

Next time, decide to act before you think. Give the money. Go ahead! You’ve got it, and there’s more where that came from. That’s the only thought which separates you from the bag lady. You’re clear there’s more where that came from, and she doesn’t know that.

When you want to change a root thought, act in accordance with the new idea you have. But you must act quickly, or your mind will kill the idea before you know it. I mean that literally. The idea, the new truth, will be dead in you before you’ve had a chance to know it.

So act quickly when the opportunity arises, and, if you do this often enough, your mind will soon get the idea. It will be your new thought.

New thought is your only-chance. It’s your only real opportunity to evolve, to grow, to truly become Who You Really Are.

Your mind is right now filled with old thoughts. Not only old thoughts, but mostly someone else’s old thoughts. It’s important now, it’s time now, to change your idea about some things. This is what evolution is all about.

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