Messages from God

The Creations You Conjure

Message from God: book 1/118

I never interfere with your decisions. I tell you this: You always get what you create, and you are always creating.

I do not make a judgement about the creations that you conjure, I simply empower you to conjure more, and more and more and more. If you don’t like what you’ve just created, choose again. My job, as God, is to always give you  that opportunity.

Now you are telling me that you haven’t always gotten what you wanted. Yet I am here to tell you that you’ve always gotten what you called forth.

Your life is always a result of your thoughts about it, including your obviously creative thought that you seldom get what you choose.

Now in this present instance you see yourself as the victim of the situation in the losing of your job. Yet the truth is that you no longer chose that job. You stopped getting up in the morning in anticipation, and began getting up with dread. You stopped feeling happy about your work and began feeling resentment. You even began fantasizing doing something else.

You think these things mean nothing? Do you intend to prove your theory that life seldom brings you what you choose? Or do you intend to demonstrate Who You Really Are and Who I Am?

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