Messages from God


Message from God: book 1/102

Now it is one thing to be love, and quite another thing to do something loving. The soul longs to do something about what it is. In order that it might know itself in its own experience. So it will seek to realize its highest idea through action.

This urge to do this is called passion. Kill passion and you kill God. Passion is God wanting to say “hi.”

But, you see, once God (or God-in-you) does that loving thing, God has realized itself, and needs nothing more.

Man, on the other hand, often feels he needs a return on his investment. If we’re going to love somebody, fine, but we’d better get some love back. That sort of thing.

This is not passion. This is expectation.

This is the greatest source of man’s unhappiness. It is what separates man from God.

The renunciate seeks to end this separation through the experience some Eastern mystics have called samadhi. This is, oneness and union with God; a melding with and melding into divinity.

The renunciate therefore renounces results, but never, ever renounces passion. Indeed, the Master knows intuitively  that passion is the path. It is the way to Self realization.

Even in earthly terms it can be fairly said that if you have a passion for nothing, you have no life at all.

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