Messages from God

All There Is Is Love

Message from God: book 3/176

One is always grumbling, angry, thrashing about, vainly seeking “justice,” or earnestly trying to reconcile opposing forces which were never meant to be reconciled, but which, by the very nature of the tension between them, produce exactly the desired effect.
The realm of the relative is, in fact, held together by just such tensions. As an example, the tension between good and evil; in ultimate reality there is no such thing as good and evil. In the realm of the absolute, all there is is love. Yet in the realm of the relative you have created the experience of what you “call” evil, and you have done it for a very sound reason. You wanted to experience love, not just “know” that love is All There Is, and you cannot experience something when there is nothing else but that. And so, you created in your reality (and continue to do so every day) a polarity of good and evil, thus using one so that you might experience the other.
And here you have a Divine Dichotomy, two seemingly contradictory truths existing simultaneously in the same place.
Specifically: there is such a thing as good and evil.

All there is is love.

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